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Fujisawa Avian Clinic is a primary care and referral veterinary practice for birds, rabbits and rodents. We have opened this clinic near the Fujisawa station in Fujisawa, Kanagawa for the animals that need extraordinary care in Japan. Birds and Small mammals can hide their symptoms even when they get sick. It is common that their conditions have already become severe by the time owners notice their symptoms. We highly recommend all of the owners to have their beloved pets take a wellness examinations to fully know their current health conditions. Fujisawa Avian Clinic offers a wide range of services including:

Treatable Animals

Visiting Veterinalians and Students

We welcome visiting veterinarians and veterinary students from abroad to experience Japanese avian veterinary medicine. If you are interested in our clinic, please email your personal details, preferred dates, and length of your stay to: makima520@gmail.com.

9:00〜12:00 A.M.×
4:00〜7:00 P.M.××2:30 〜5:302:30 〜5:30

Appointment Information

Map and Dirrections

We are located near the Fujisawa station (Odakyu Enoshima line or JR Tokaido Line) or the Ishigami station (Enoden line). It takes for 7minutes from the Fujisawa station and 2 minutes from the Ishigami station on foot.






How shold I take my bird to the clinic?



3.Food and Water

4.Put Sheets on the bottom of the cage

5.Bring fresh fecal samples

First Aid for Emargency Cases

These are common examples for emergency cases. However, we cannot predict all the types of cases for your birds. Be cautious, these methods are temporary alternative procedures before going to the clinic.



3.Cloacal prolapse